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Wholesale Pricing Information

Dear Reseller:

We are very happy to provide you information on Bruce McIntrye’s products. The Drawing Textbook is perfect for home schooling and individual learning. The Drawing Textbook has been used successfully by teachers for over 50 years. In the last 20 years, thousands of people that home school have also been using the Drawing Textbook with success. We also offer the following books for those who want to learn specific areas after using the Drawing Textbook:

Cute Animals    Flowers & Trees    Art Elements

These books and the Drawing Textbook retail for $9.00. We are currently designing a new format for Bruce McIntyre’s Self-Study Course and will let you know when we have that one available.

Here is the discount rate schedule for the books:

 Item  Quantity = 1-5  6-19 20+
 Drawing Textbook  Full Price  20% Discount   40% Discount 
 Cute Animals  Full Price  20% Discount   40% Discount 
 Flowers & Trees  Full Price  20% Discount   40% Discount 
 Art Elements  Full Price  20% Discount   40% Discount 

The quantity discounts apply to any mixture of titles.

Shipping and handling are added to the invoice when the shipment is made.

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